Is a Barbie Doll Collection Right For You?

If you love dolls, consider Barbie. She has stood the test of time and has been a fashion icon since 1959. She has survived many decades of trends. Barbie is the all girl girl. She can wear almost anything and look great!

She may be petite at only eleven point five inches, but her wardrobe is incredibly extensive. Her outfits have been designed by over seventy famous names in the fashion industry. Her clothes are cut from more than one million yards of fabric and still counting. She also has over one billion pairs of to die for shoes.

It Takes a Village

It takes more than one hundred people to create and maintain a single Barbie look, outfit, and accessories. Designers from the top fashion schools around the world, professional cosmetologists and make up artists are part of the team that make Barbie the unique doll she has always been.

Barbie’s wardrobe reflects some of today’s most prestigious fashion houses. Graduate designers from Parsons and other design schools choose the Barbie Doll as their muse and join the House of Barbie.

Similar to their counterparts in New York or Paris, fashion designers for Barbie first sketch new concepts, then bring the designs to life with muslin fabric and Barbie sized mannequins. After some fittings on the mannequin, designers work with pattern makers and textiles to finalize their concept.

The final look is sent to the hundreds of seamstresses. There is absolutely no room for error in creating Barbie’s outfit. If the stitching is off by even one sixteenth of an inch, it can ruin the whole design.

Barbie’s look is not complete without the right accessories. Everything from earrings to shoes is sketched by hand and sculpted in wax to create models.

If you love dolls, you’ll almost certainly love Miz Barbie! If you’re thinking about venturing into the collecting world, you’ve come to the right place. Poke around our site and come back often as we add more info about the wonderful world of Barbie!